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AA accessibility

La Llosona Hotel Rural in Asturias, is committed to web accessibility. To achieve this goal, it is standard technologies established by the W3C and WAI Accessibility Policy 1.0 level AA. La Llosona Hotel Rural defends the idea of ​​creating a page for everyone struggling to reach every citizen, without her disability to become a discriminatory element.

Windows predefined keys

Windows provides a predefined sequence of different combinations of keys that help us manage window menus and standard actions easily. This section is for user interest:

  • Ctrl + C: Copy Selected.
  • Ctrl + D: Add current page to Favorites.
  • Ctrl + E: Select All.
  • Ctrl + F: Opens the Search box on this page.
  • Ctrl + G: Save page.
  • Ctrl + H: Open the History bar.
  • Ctrl + I: Open the Favorites bar.
  • Ctrl + L: Go to a new location.
  • Ctrl + O: Open the Organize Favorites window.
  • Ctrl + P: Open the Print window.
  • Ctrl + R: Refresh the current page.
  • Ctrl + u: Opens a new window with the same page.
  • Ctrl + v: Paste the selected.
  • Ctrl + x: Cut the selection.
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo the previous action.
  • F11: Open browser fullscreen.
  • F4: Display the address list.
  • Shift + F1: Opens the help index.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Move back between frames.
  • Shift + F5: Refresh.
  • Shift + F10: Show contextual menu link